Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh, for crying out loud...

I just read my last entry, and am in the process of whanging my head against the nearest wall. I'd managed to write some more in January, but February... ate me.

On February 2nd, I became the proud mama of an 8 week old Australian Shepherd. On February 5th, I was hit hard by the flu (which lingered for about three weeks). Add to this a grad-level accounting class, and you get a month with the life sucked out of it.

But now Darwin (the Aussie) is reaching something resembling housebroken, and I can turn my back for five minutes at a time without looking up to find him chewing away, quite happily, on one of the cats' toys, a sock, or a bit of god-only-knows-what from the carpet.

I just wish I hadn't had to lose an entire month of writing. (I tried. I definitely tried. I had the laptop in bed, and when I wasn't lost in a fever-coma, I was... glaring ineffectually at the screen and staving off sleep for as long as I could.) And when you have a puppy that needs to be let out every two or three hours (even overnight), that makes life Very Interesting indeed. (I will never, ever miss standing outside at two in the morning, in 30 degree weather, with a fever and a cough, waiting for Darwin to Do What He Needs To Do.)

Of course, now that I have the time and mental stamina (okay, that part was questionable to begin with) it's almost as if I've worked myself into a sort of psychological block. The writer's block I had in January is still in place, mostly because I'm stuck on a scene -- I'm not sure whether to write everything out as it happens (which seems like it'd be laborious and dull), or to gloss over the event itself (a luncheon) and get to what happens afterward. I mean, it's a scene that has to happen, because two important characters meet, and things really start to happen AFTERWARD. So... I'm starting to think I've built it up too much in my mind, and I should just write the damned bit, and if it's awful, then it's awful -- but at least I'd have something to EDIT.


Blogger Mark Pettus said...

Ah, well. Welcome back. Stay well, walk the dog regularly, and post at least twice a week, and we'll forgive you.


March 10, 2006 10:50 PM  

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